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Time tested

  • Tested by 200 years of practice
  • Theory effectiveness recognized worldwide
  • Based on math, statistics, management and psychology


  • Read 1 page instead of 1000
  • No intricate terminology and formulas
  • Method selection based on your data


  • Enter your criteria, list the alternatives, get the result
  • 30 millisecond data analysis


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Methodesk is a tool that makes complex choices simpler. Analyze facts you collected or predicted using the appropriate method to make the right decision in a particular case.


For those who rely on facts instead of abstract concepts in decision-making. Those who are looking for a way to increase objectivity but are not ready to spend time studying decision-making theory.


Statistical analysis

Intuition is not the best assistant in complex decisions. Complex choice based on many criteria doesn't allow to keep all the aspects of each alternative in mind. A clear and understandable algorithm is required. Otherwise, a decision will be spontaneous.